Ways to Enjoy the Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini

24 Jan Ways to Enjoy the Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini

Most Vitani® cocktails are based on popular bar cocktails. Not so with the Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini! This beautiful cocktail is inspired by the classic Moscow Mule cocktail. With natural ginger, lemon, and lime, the flavor profile is similar to the Vitani® Mule. Our Citrus Ginger Martini is much stronger (18% abv vs. 12% for the Mule) and tastes much more like citrus. If lemon and lime are your jam, this is the drink for you!

As with all our drinks, the Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini is excellent enjoyed straight from the bottle. Just chill, shake, and enjoy.

One of things people love about the Vitani® Citrus Martini is that it tastes the same every time, so they don’t need to worry about “getting it right.” On the flip side of the coin, everyone loves a little variety in their life.

If you’re a fan of our Citrus Ginger Martini and want to change things up, here are some different ways to enjoy the Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini.

Enjoy over ice. Straight out of the fridge is great, but try freezing a highball or collins glass, then filling with ice and pouring in your Citrus Ginger Martini.

Top with club soda. The Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini is fairly sweet, so pouring it in a glass and topping with club soda will produce a smooth, mild drink.

With a twist. Lemon and lime flavors dominate our Citrus Ginger martini. Many people love tossing in some orange peel (or even a slice of orange).

Enjoy with these delicious foods. The Vitani® Citrus Ginger Martini is packed with flavor, so it’s best enjoyed with milder dishes, such as pasta, poultry, or fish. The citrus and ginger also pair well with most Asian cuisine, especially Thai food.

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