Ways to Enjoy the Vitani® Cucumber Martini

11 Dec Ways to Enjoy the Vitani® Cucumber Martini

We recently covered ways to enjoy your next Vitani® Dirty Martini or Cosmo Martini. Now, it’s time to dive into our “Innovation” series of premium pre-mixed cocktails with the Vitani® Cucumber Martini.

Combining premium vodka and natural cucumber, the Vitani® Cucumber Martini is perfect for those who love the smooth taste of cucumber. The Vitani® Cucumber Martini is excellent enjoyed straight from the bottle. Just chill, shake, and enjoy.

One of things people love about the Vitani® Cucumber Martini is that it tastes the same every time, so they don’t need to worry about “getting it right.” On the flip side of the coin, everyone loves a little variety in their life.

If you’re a fan of our Cucumber Martini and want to change things up, here are some different ways to enjoy the Vitani® Cucumber Martini.

Pour it into a glass. Obviously, a martini glass is a great choice. Toss your martini glasses in the freezer for an extra chill on your next cucumber martini. Lots of drinkers love the kick of the Vitani® Cucumber Martini. If it’s a little too strong for you, pour it over ice in a rocks glass.

Try a salted rim. Salt brings out the best flavors of cucumber. Dip your martini glass in water (or better yet, lemon juice), and dip it in a plate of sea salt. You can thank us later, when you’re not busy enjoying this salty and sweet treat.

Squeeze in a lemon. The tart flavors of citrus helps balance out the sweetness of the cucumber martini. You can even slice a lemon small and drop it right into the bottle.

Combine with club soda. If the Vitani® Cucumber Martini is too strong for your tastes, pouring it in a glass and topping with club soda will produce a smooth, mild drink.

Enjoy with these delicious foods. Cucumber martinis are great with almost any dish. They’re particularly good with herb-focused dishes, like a fresh herb pasta or pizza.

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